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Twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack have witnessed huge growth in population and infrastructure with more than commensurate increase in number of vehicles. With installation of adaptive traffic signalling system, Capital City of Bhubaneswar is on its way to become a Smart City. Inauguration of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Setu over river Kathajodi and Madhusudan Setu over river Mahanadi and construction of several flyovers, tremendous growth is witnessed in movement and pace of vehicular traffic through the twin cities. Bhubaneswar, in particular, has grown as an educational, health and tourism hub for eastern India. International events such as Asian Athletic Championship and World Cup Hockey League-2017 were held in Bhubaneswar recently.

Growth of twin cities has posed new challenges to the Traffic Wing of the Commissionerate Police in day to day regulation and management of traffic.

Mere dep|oyment of traffic constables at intersections is no more an effective solution to meet the challenge posed by huge increase in vehicular traffic. Therefore, Commissionerate Police has decided to play more reliance on induction of latest technology and processes and also to create awareness on road safety issues for better regulation, management and enforcement of traffic in twin cities.

Modern traffic signalling system has recently been installed in 50 intersections of Bhubaneswar and 5 intersections of Cuttack City. Vehicle Interceptor has been deployed on N.H-16 to prevent speeding. Installation of speed radars on N.H-16 is under process. Breath analysers, LED tight batons, Cooling Jackets, Motorcycles and light vehicles have been provided to the Traffic Wing to help them in better regulation of traffic.

Implementation of “Student Traffic Volunteer Scholarship Scheme" has drawn wide appreciation from all sections of the society including the standing committee of Odisha Legislative Assembly. This has encouraged us to seek participation of all sections of the society to spread awareness on road safety issues and join hands with Traffic Wing.

Recently body-worn Camera and dashboard camera has been provided to the traffic wing to make the functioning more transparent. It is also proposed to introduce E-challan shortly.

In order to spread awareness as mentioned above and to solicit cooperation of all segment of society Web Portal of traffic Wing of Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack has been launched. This web portal will be useful in dissemination of information on the organisational structure of the traffic wing, safety and responsible driving, traffic signage, road markings, rules and regulations, providing first aid to victim of road traffic accidents etc. This is an interactive web portal. Citizens can give their feedback and also test their knowledge on road safety issues.

I am sure the citizens of the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack will find the web portal to be useful. We seek and request constant cooperation from our fellow citizens as we embark on our mission to render our roads and Highways safe for the commuters.

Suggestions to improve the regulation and management of traffic in twin cities and also for improvement of the web portal are welcome.

Police Commissionerate Police will remain committed to maintenance of law & order, prevention & detection of crime, maintenance & promotion of communal/ societal harmony.

Commissionerate Police will strive to ensure discipline on public roads and effective traffic management with a view to facilitate smooth flow of traffic and reduction of road accidents.