Enforcement Gadgets

Vehicle Interceptor:

In order to give more teeth to its enforcement efforts, the traffic police have inducted two state-of-the-art interceptors. Traffic Policemen in these vehicles are equipped with Handycams (for spot videography), Speed Radars, Alco sensors (to check drunken driving), first-aid kits, digital cameras, reflective cones and blinkers for night checking and Public Address systems. The interceptor was flagged off by Honourable Chief Minister of Odisha on 30.08.17 and inducted to the traffic wing for operation. It detects vehicle being driven beyond speed limit and impose fine under Odisha Urban Police Act 2003.


Parking of vehicles is a problem and a cause of concern for traffic police in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. traffic congestion is experienced on different roads due to illegal/disorderly parking of Vehicles. In order to lift illegally parked vehicles, cranes are used by traffic wing of Police Commissionerate on regular basis. Bhubaneswar Traffic Police has got one big crane of 5 Tonnes and two small cranes of 2 tonnes. While Cuttack Traffic Police has got two big cranes and two small cranes. The illegally parked vehicles are brought to traffic Police stations and released after the realisation of compounding fees and towing charges.

Motor Vehicle:

The Traffic Police is equipped with 11 nos. of four-wheelers and 30 number of motorcycles at present for management of traffic in twin cities. The traffic police is going to acquire 100 nos of 220cc hi-tech motorcycles which will be used for patrolling purpose on different roads of the twin cities and clear traffic congestion instantly. In each motorcycle, 2 traffic personnel will perform traffic patrolling duty on a particular stretch of road assigned to them.

Reflective jackets:

The Traffic Police of the twin cities use special reflective jackets during night hours for traffic regulation and checking of vehicles. Use of reflective jackets by Traffic Police increases their visibility to ensure their safety while on duty.

Road Safety Cones:

Use of cones in traffic regulation on different roads of the cities is undertaken as the cones are handy, easily shiftable and clearly visible to the road users. It is used for segregation of roads, the enclosure of hazardous spots, closure of roads and also during important events like the visit of VIPs/VVIPs, festivals etc.

LED Light Batons:

The traffic police are equipped with LED Light traffic control batons having high visibility and are useful for regulating traffic at evening and night hours. The batons also make the traffic cops more visible to motorists thus increasing their safety.

Body Worn Camera:

A Body Worn Camera (bodycam) is an audio/video recording device that is clipped to the traffic cop's clothing, usually on the torso. Body cams are used to record the activities of officers in the performance of their duties and interactions with the public. The recorded audios and videos can be viewed and examined in case of necessity. 240 nos. of cameras were distributed to the traffic cops on 09.12.2017 by Commissioner of Police.

Dashboard Camera:

A Dashboard Camera(Dashcams) is an onboard camera that continuously records the operational activities of the Traffic cops and the public as well through the vehicle's windscreen. It may be attached to the top of the dashboard of the Vehicle. Dashcams can provide video evidence in the event of road accidents, operational discrepancies and also activities of the public. 16 nos. cameras were distributed on 09.12.2017 by Commissioner of Police and have been inducted to the traffic wing.

Breath analyser:

The Traffic Police are equipped with Breath analyser devices for testing the Blood Alcohol concentration levels of drivers on the basis of their breath samples. The Traffic Police use the A8080p model Breath Analyser. Breath Analyzer is an automated handheld breath alcohol instrument. This device is used by Traffic cops regularly, especially during night hours to detect drunken driving and necessary legal actions.

Digital Still Camera:

The traffic police are equipped with digital still cameras for taking photographic evidence of traffic violations, road accidents and traffic congestions. These cameras are easy to handle and the photographs those are clicked can be transferred to the computer hard discs for its use at the time of necessity.


The traffic police are equipped with high megapixel Sony Handycams having 20 times zoom facility, night shot capability and memory stick. The Handycams are used with the interceptor vehicles for recording videographic evidence of traffic violations and episodes of unruly conduct by the offenders at the time of checking.

Walkie Talkie:

The Traffic cops have been provided with Walkie Talkies for their smooth communication amongst them and also to transmit important information to concerned police posts. The traffic cops deployed at different intersections have also been provided with Walkie Talkie sets to regulate vehicular traffic and also a hassle-free movement of VIPs/VVIPs.

Police Commissionerate Police will remain committed to maintenance of law & order, prevention & detection of crime, maintenance & promotion of communal/ societal harmony.

Commissionerate Police will strive to ensure discipline on public roads and effective traffic management with a view to facilitate smooth flow of traffic and reduction of road accidents.