Fighting Pollution

Protecting the Environment

All vehicles emit air pollutants and gases such as oxides of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, hydrocarbons and soot. These pollutants affect the quality of the air we breathe, our health, crop yields and even the global climate. Planning your drive saves both environment and your money. Before starting offWhile driving At the garage

Before Starting off:

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. If you can, avoid driving during rush hours. You can save on fuel.
  3. Walk or cycle for short distances and help environment by emitting less pollutants.
  4. Try to have a carpool if possible.

At the Garage:

  1. Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running efficiently. It reduces your fuel cost and causes less pollution.
  2. Keep your vehicle’s engine well tuned.
  3. Study the vehicle owner’s manual and do as advised to maximize fuel efficiency.
  4. Keeping tires properly inflated reduce petrol bill, emissions and tire wear.
  5. Get the vehicle’s alignment checked regularly. This reduces uneven tire wear.

While Driving:

  1. Avoid starting your vehicle unnecessarily. A large burst of pollutants is emitted when a cold engine is started.
  2. Turn off your vehicle if parked more than 30 seconds.
  3. Obey the speed limits.
  4. Anticipate traffic movement, slow down in advance so that you have to make the least use of brakes.
  5. On the highway, use your vehicle’s overdrive gear for better fuel efficiency.
  6. Use your vehicle’s air conditioning wisely. Use your windows and vents in city and stop-and-go traffic.

Police Commissionerate Police will remain committed to maintenance of law & order, prevention & detection of crime, maintenance & promotion of communal/ societal harmony.

Commissionerate Police will strive to ensure discipline on public roads and effective traffic management with a view to facilitate smooth flow of traffic and reduction of road accidents.