Modernisation Plans

Traffic Wing of Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack proposes implement following technology-based solutions as a part of its modernisation plan.

  1. Installation of Speed Detection Radars at black spots.
  2. Integrated E-challan devices.
  3. Adaptive Traffic Control Signal System.
  4. Modern recovery vans.
  5. Provision of RLVDs (Red Light Violation Detection) at different intersections.
  6. Fixation of PTZs (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras.
  7. Fixation of Pelican Lights and Blinker Lights.
  8. Implementation of ANPRs (Automatic Number Plate Reader).
  9. Modern Traffic Booths at important intersections in twin cities.
  10. Facility of Green Corridor for Emergency Vehicles like Ambulances, Fire Brigade etc.
  11. Provision of Bio Toilets at different intersections for traffic personnel.
  12. Cooling Vests for traffic personnel.
  13. Underground Public Parking at busy locations in twin cities.
  14. Provision of Audio System at different traffic intersections for interaction with the Command Control System.

Police Commissionerate Police will remain committed to maintenance of law & order, prevention & detection of crime, maintenance & promotion of communal/ societal harmony.

Commissionerate Police will strive to ensure discipline on public roads and effective traffic management with a view to facilitate smooth flow of traffic and reduction of road accidents.